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Keys and Plumbing

Pipe freeze spray
Pipe freeze spray  Image

For an easier life!

Compression and Endfeed fittings
Compression and Endfeed fittings  Image

An extensive range at competitive prices

Flexi-tap connectors
Flexi-tap connectors Image

Compression and Speedfit in 15 and 22mm.


Our plumbing section contains taps, washers, compression fittings,endfeed fittings,copper pipe, plastic waste pipe & fittings,plastic pushfit fittings, traps, hoses, tape, plugs, tank heating elements and 15mm and 22mm pipe lagging. And all at our usual low prices!

Keys Cut While you Wait

Buying a lock? Why not have spare keys cut - we cut keys for ERA, Legge, Yale, Union, Securit and many other locks.

Plastic Waste Pipe

Size 1M 2M 3M

Copper Pipe

Size 1M 2M 3M