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Jack, the Johnson's Labrador

 This is Jack, our shop dog. 

It is with great sadness that I'm editing this page - we are sorry to tell you that Jack passed away peacefully in his own bed, cuddled by the people who loved him most, on Wednesday 18th January 2017.

He was never "just a dog" - he was a valued member of our staff, a colleague you could always rely on to share a Hob Nob or a bit of fresh air down the lane. He had his meet and greet technique perfected after almost 13 years of full-time service, and never failed to make customers welcome and offer a sympathetic wag to those having a bad day.

We are running a collection for Hull Animal Welfare in his honour. Any spare change, dog treats/toys, clean blankets etc are much needed and we will take any donations in a month or so. JUST DON'T LET ME COME BACK WITH ANOTHER DOG (yet).

RIP Jack 19th August 2004 to 18th January 2017. Much missed xxx