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Traditional cleaning products
Traditional cleaning products Image

Good range of NATURAL old fashioned cleaners in store - bicarb, vinegar, soda...good for your purse, your health and the planet!

Lovely kitchen stuff
Lovely kitchen stuff  Image

All sorts of kitchenware in store - we can also order just about anything you can think of eg. Mason Cash ceramics, Pyrex earthenware, baking tins and loads of other stuff - see Lucy for details!

Seasonal cooking
Seasonal cooking Image

Unleash your inner domestic god/dess with our specialist kitchenware. Kilner jars, preserving pans, sugar thermometers...if we don't stock it, we can probably get it within a couple of days.

We stock a wide range of old-fashioned cleaning products that are getting increasingly hard to find, including borax and soap flakes. The April 2014 issue of Period Living magazine has an article on these methods - their recommended stockists sell the same products as ours at much higher costs, so come to us and we won't 'take you to the cleaners'...

Our new kitchenware department is now up and running. We stock some of the best cookware products locally and at nationally competitive prices! Whether you're a home-grown chutney maker or a cupcake queen, you'll find basics and treats on our shelves. And if you're a a baker, see Lucy for a bit of her sourdough starter! Go to www.kitchencraft.co.uk for a fantastic catalogue of goodies.

We also stock the less exciting domestic requirements...all you might need to do the washing -up, the dusting, the floor-buffing or (oh dear) the toilet-unblocking. We sell bang on-trend wooden brooms, airers, galvanised buckets and enamelware at a fraction of the prices in 'vintage homeware' stores.